All about us

My name is Ann,

I've been in the choir for 25 years (I was only 5 wehn I started!!!). Music has always been a passion of mine and it's in my blood.  

I like all types of music, from Ma Vlast by Smetana to Ed Sheeran.  My favourite boys are Sir Cliff Richard and the gorgeous Michael Buble.

I have sung many songs over the years, and a few of my favourites are:

  • I wandered lonely as a cloud
  • Ragtime Piano Man
  • 42nd Street

I've made such great friends in our choir.  We are a really friendly bunch.

So if you're free on a Thursday evening, come and have a sing and have fun. x



Hi, My name is Janet

I have been in the choir for about 22 years and I really love it.  I am the choir Publicity Officer and Treasurer and anything else they want me to be :) 

I work full time at a local secondary school and am always busy doing something, practicing our songs most of the time.  We record our rehearsals and practice throughout the week to get it right.  

Some of the favourite songs we sing are:

  • Thank you for the music
  • Can you feel the love tonight
  • The Rose
  • The Les Miserables selection

Over the years together, we have not only found favourit pieces of music, but have found best friends.  Please come and see for yourself and experience our choir first hand. x


My name is Jeannie

I have asthma and have difficulty in breathing, singing helps to keep my airways open.

When I joined the Cantrelle Singers about 19 years ago there were about 34 ladies, over the years we have lost a few members, but we are still going strong.

We are all like one happy family and good friends.  We enjoy meeting on Thursday night and singing together.

I enjoy all music and the songs we sing.


My name is Patsy

I sing top soprano.  I joined the choir four years ago, although i've been going for many years to watch my sister Jeannie sing and help with the tea's.  What made me join?

I had a stroke a few years ago and couldn't speak properly and was going through a bad time in my life.  While I was watching, I found I could sing my words.  So people could understand what I was saying.  I never looked back.

For me, the choir means so much.  It gave me back my life, great friends, and great laugh's.  Love you girls x